Thursday, May 21, 2015

Disappointed in Greenhill

From Gerard Bottomly & Family  May 21, 2015

To whom it may concern, this letter is to share with you of our recent experience at Greenhill Humane Society in Eugene, OR. We have two cats that we could no longer care for due to conditions beyond our control and had to find a loving home for our 7 year old brother and sister cats Magoo and Skippito. We only had a few weeks to find a home and thought that Greenhill would be an ideal organization to help find out kitties a loving home. We set up an appointment to take the cats in to Greenhill, We put Magoo and Skapitto into their travel crates and off on a 20 minute ride we went to Greenhill, this was a very stressful time for all concerned, cats and family alike, our 13 and 11 year old kids were so upset that we had to find another home for their kitties they rescued seven years ago from being abandoned by their mother.

We arrived at Greenhill and took in the cats, they did not want to immediately come out of their travel crates, were they purring and lovey? No, they were stressed, nervous and in a new scary environment. After a while the gentleman at Greenhill looked over Magoo and did a great job at trying to ease any stress Magoo might have. After a while the gentleman said that Magoo was showing signs of stress and he did not think that Greenhill would be a good fit and did not want to take Magoo. We wanted to have both cats stay together and decided that if we could not get Skippito and Magoo to stay together we did not really want to have them separated. We went home and tried to find a good home using Craigslist, lots of flaky people and we did not find a suitable home.

We called Greenhill back about a week later to see if we could try again, this was our second visit and both cats now came out of their crates and Greenhill conducted an inspection to make sure the cats were healthy, all checked out in terms of health, but again Greenhill said that the cats were both too stressed and they would not take them, because stressed cats tend not to eat and there health declines. I asked what cat or dog would not be stressed after a car ride in a crate; arrive at a strange office and being inspected by a stranger? He said that both cats just did not show signs of affection to the point that Greenhill felt it would be detrimental to the cat’s health. We left and yet again had our kids and the cats stressed out and upset.

What animal would not be stressed being put into a box, driven to a strange place, getting inspected by a stranger and being asked to be pet in a strange office by people they don’t know? Is that not like what behavior is indicative of any new environment being introduced to an animal, they would be weary, nervous and stressed (at least that what I have experienced before). I am very disappointed that Greenhill would not accept our cats; all we wanted was to find a loving home for a brother and sister cat.
After hours of calling around to various organizations and shelters we were assisted by Tamara Barnes formerly The Cats Pajama Rescue who said she could take in Skippito and Magoo and foster until there was room at the adoption space at Nature's Pet Eugene; (29th & Willamette) who find loving homes for cats.

We let the cats out to play at Tamara's in a room designed for cats waiting for a new loving family. An old couch, lots of places to explore and other cats to check out. Skippito and Magoo came out of their crates after a minute or two and were curious and I am sure nervous about where they were, we left them alone and they started to check out the other cats in the room and away they went exploring. Why was this so different to Greenhill? My 11-year-old daughter was with me; she said I want to volunteer here! It was a completely different experience from someone not being provided any financial compensation for her action, only to provide the facility and care to be able to help find cats a loving home.

About three weeks after Magoo and Skippito were left in their transition home they will now move to Natures Pet to find their forever-loving family.

I write this letter to share our experience, not to belittle any organization, more to share our disappointment and stress that we hope other people can avoid, its stressful! We saved two little kitties seven years ago, our kids grew up with Skippito and Magoo and we fond ourselves in a very difficult position that we could no longer provide the loving home we once could and we had no idea how difficult and stressful it was to find a loving, caring home or organization that would help us find such a solution to our problem.

I hope you never have to find a new home for your loving kitties, but if you do think about what resources you have out there, and work with organizations that provide the support and help you and your kitties deserve