Saturday, April 18, 2015

Greenhill Humane Society's long established and ingrained culture of neglect

Greenhill has a long, established and ingrained culture of neglect and cover up.  Here are some instances that cover a period of years.  This testimony is from many people making public their experiences.   Greenhill's stance is that everyone that criticizes them is lying.  This, of course, is absurd.  Equally absurd is Greenhill's notion that this has been fabricated by No Kill Lane County.  Many of these people speaking out do not know each other, yet, their experiences over a period of years are the same.  Some people are willing to put their names to their testimony, other are not because of fear of Greenhill retaliation.  All have agreed to testify, in court, under oath that their experiences are the truth, and we are confident that corroborating witnesses will testify.  We have Greenhill's own medical records that prove proper care and protocol was not provided and not followed in a number of instances. 

"Last kitten season there was a starving baby kitten that was surrendered. I found her screaming in a blanket in Lab. I knew she was going to be euthanized but I couldn't stand to see her starving. It was sad enough that she was going to be killed simply because she didn't have teeth, the least we could do is feed her and not let her die hungry. After all, that would be the humane thing to do. [A Greenhill employee] told me "No, don't feed her. [a Greenhill manager] will get mad because she says if we feed them we will bond with them and then it will be hard on us when they are put to sleep."
Tasha Roberts Resignation Letter:

"Cary, Jaclyn:
Among one of the more disturbing things that happened today, I have been informed by Gail Schroder, DVM not to treat ailments on the animals that we are going to euthanize at the end of their holding period. This is unethical and against my oath as a veterinary technician to ease suffering!"
Emails to Greenhill Management from Heidy Hollister
Heidy was a whistle blower that Greenhill fired.  She filed a law suit against Greenhill for wrongful firing and prevailed.

"I have written an e-mail to (Director) Cary Lieberman and (Assistant Director) Jaclyn Semple (Rudebeck) about these issues with no response.  I am a Certified Veterinary Technician for over 30 years.  I have been a volunteer with LCAS for almost 2 years and continue to volunteer at the shelter helping Heidy* (Hollister) in the clinic.  Since the “transition", I have observed some disturbing incidents involving Dr. Schroder."
Testimony of Diane Weaver, CVT

"They did not want to get in trouble and lose their jobs, but couldn't in all good conscience sit by and watch the young dog die. I stepped in and told them to call the vet (Gail Schroder) and be sure to mention that I told them to make the call, I was happy to take the blame as my job was not at stake. They dialed the phone, waiting and praying she wouldn't answer, so that they could make the decision to take the dog to the emergency vet. But she did answer; the dog did not get any emergency care, and died that night."
Volunteer Testimony  

 "...we spent a lot of time talking to Amy Valentine about Gail Schroder.  ... Amy discussed how "shelter medicine" is different for many reasons then medicine in a private Vet's office."
Email from Greenhill Board Member Ginger Balzas

Under Oregon law there is no difference  between private practice and so-called "shelter medicine".  Veterinarian Amy Valentine should know this and stop making excuses for substandard care provided by Greenhill's vet.  Shelters are held to the same standards of care as prescribed by Oregon Statute, no exceptions.  In addition, animals that are allowed to die, aren't counted against Greenhill's live release statistics.

"As for the Pyometra it's clearly written that staff said they noticed discharge,but upon the vet exam there was none. Not sure why she didn’t do some kind of vaginal swab. It only states to monitor temp over weekend and give antibiotics if signs of Pyometra.  Pretty sure staff documenting red milky vaginal discharge from an older unspayed dog is a sign of Pyometra, ....."
Former Volunteer/Adopter Speaks Out

Of course there are many more such eye witness reports, some documented by Greenhill's own medical records.   See links to Greenhill's records here:  Greenhill Medical Records