Saturday, March 28, 2015

Greenhill Board Member (Sort of) Responds to Concerns of Neglect

"So… is now I who cannot sleep at night wondering what is to happen?  Cary, if you don’t know what is happening in your shelter, it is time for you to not only acknowledge that you have a problem, but to do something about it. If you are aware and this is how you choose to operate, please stop repeating that you treat all adoptable and treatable animals, BECAUSE YOU DON’T." Testimony from Greenhill Volunteer

[Note: Under Oregon law there is no difference  between private practice and "shelter medicine". Veterinarian Amy Valentine knows this. Why is she making excuses for inadequate vet care provided by Greenhill's vet, Gail Schroder?]  Shelters are held to the same standard of care, no exceptions.

Sent in 2012
From Ginger Balzas, Board Member to concerned Volunteer

I got your email and gave it to everyone at the meeting.  The meeting went well - we spent a lot of time talking to Amy Valentine about Gail Schroder.  I think Amy is terrific - she is on the Animal Care Committee and new VP of the board.  Amy feels comfortable with Gail Schroder and overall, thinks she is doing a good job and does not feel (at all) that Gail takes any Euthanasia lightly in any way. There are many people that have to sign off on any Euthanasia - it is not just Gail's decision.  Amy discussed how "shelter medicine" is different for many reasons then medicine in a private Vet's office.  She told me that the suture packs were acceptable and in no way endangered any animals.

Everyone took your concerns seriously and I have faith that Greenhill will do a good job running LCAS if the contracts are signed.  LCAS will be run as it has been but the intention is to make it better not worse.  Greenhill remains separate from LCAS and Cary feels strongly that he will have the people with enough experience to work with the strays and other types of "bully dogs" as you put it, at LCAS.
If you would like, Amy Valentine would be happy to talk to you about any of the medical concerns you have about Greenhill.  Please be comforted by the fact that everyone on the board has a great deal of passion for saving the lives of all animals, and that includes Cary.  Cary even told me that he has had animals that he has tried to get into "Best Friends" but was turned away because they had no space.

All of us on the board will be monitoring and watching things closely.  Please do not hesitate to bring anything to our attention that you feel needs to be voiced.