Monday, February 16, 2015

What Greenhill's Medical Records Demonstrate

Oscar the Cat:  August 2012
Greenhill's vet, Gail Schroder examined Oscar upon intake and diagnosed a ruptured eye on 7/31/12.  (Extremely painful condition).  They tried pain meds for only three days, leaving Oscar not properly examined and treatment withheld through his release from Greenhill on 8/24/12.

 Their excuse for this, when put on the spot is that they decided to not perform surgery on Oscar because of behavior, so they did nothing; leaving him in pain.  Not performing surgery because they don't feel qualified is one thing but to do nothing else, leaving this cat to suffer is unconscionable.

They didn't feel that performing surgery on Oscar was "a humane option" but leaving him to sit without any treatment for a ruptured eye is?

When asked about what happened to Oscar while in their care, this is their reply:

In fact the question was characterized correctly based on information taken directly from Oscar's medical records.  Since apparently Greenhill's veterinary staff is not qualified enough to do the surgery based on Oscar's behavior and medical situation, what they are saying is they thought it was appropriate to do nothing; leaving Oscar to suffer.  No asking for outside help, no transferring Oscar to the rescue that wanted him; nothing.

When taken to a qualified veterinarian on 8/28/12; Oscar was sedated so his eye could be examined properly and he had surgery to remove what the vet called an "extremely painful" ruptured eye.  Oscar's acting out was because he was afraid, and because he was in immense pain.  Pain which Greenhill's vet is not qualified or caring enough to recognize.

Post op care was provided by a skilled caregiver with no problems.  Oscar went to live with the home that West Coast Dog & Cat had arranged for him in early August 2012.  Oscar was not dangerous or even acting out once his eye was removed and he received proper care that Greenhill's medical staff denied him.