Monday, February 16, 2015

Lieberman's Emotional Blackmail of former Greenhill employee

In November, 2014, Greenhill's Executive director wrote an email to a former employee, who has given us her testimony.  (See:  Resignation Letter)  Lieberman's email is below:

What Greenhill is failing to grasp here is its not speaking the truth about what goes on behind the scenes, its the actions behind the scenes that need to change.  This former employee refuses to keep Greenhill's secrets.  She is a hero.  Lieberman is placing blame on others instead of cleaning up inhumane acts and abuse of the animals.  This abuse and neglect are the problem, not that former employees are choosing to speak out about them.

This is attempted emotional blackmail.  Shameful, abusive behavior from Greenhill's management. Lieberman is asking people to lie so he can keep his job.

(No "expression of dismay" was left on Greenhill's voicemail)