Monday, December 15, 2014

How Greenhill Humane's Management treats animals reflects on what kind of people they are.

Greenhill Humane killed Graham after isolating and torturing him for weeks.  Graham was pet of the week in January 2013 and put to death in April of 2013.  Greenhill's management ignored emails from a rescue requesting information about Graham.  Greenhill killed him anyway.   The statement below is from a Greenhill volunteer.  One of the reasons this volunteer quit volunteering for Greenhill is what they did to Graham.  Graham's spirit is memorialized in Mark Barone's art project An Act of Dog-Museum of Compassion
We are requesting that you email the Greenhill Board ( telling them you are withholding support until they clean up their act, and get rid of Lieberman, Rudebeck and Schroder.

Here are other instances of Greenhill's documented neglect and abuse:

Greenhill's Vet Withholds Proper Treatment