Tuesday, November 25, 2014

What the Greenhill Medical Files of Oakly & Oscar Demonstrate

In this email below from Greenhill's Executive Director, Cary Lieberman to county Commissioner Jay Bozievich, he responds to an issue of concern brought to No Kill Lane County that pain medications had been withdrawn from a dog named Frekie.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: "LIEBERMAN Cary (SMTP)" <director@green-hill.org>
To: BOZIEVICH Jay K <Jay.BOZIEVICH@co.lane.or.us>
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2013 14:21:25 -0800
Subject: RE: The Dog Frekie-Please share this email

Hello Jay,

Yes, our medical records demonstrate twice daily pain medication has been administered continuously.  I’ve attached Frekie’s medical record.  We create one of these for every animal that comes into the shelter. 

This email along with Frekie's medical file was enough to convince Commissioner Bozievich that Frekie indeed had been receiving pain medications, and the insider reports were not correct.

However, using Lieberman's own words, Oakly's medical records "demonstrate" that Greenhill's vet, Gail Schroder withdrew treatment from Oakly on 8/3/2012, yet, for some reason Commissioner Bozievich, and his appointee to the County Animal Services Committee, David Calderwood, refused to accept what Oakly's medical file "demonstrated".

Oakly's intake date was 7/30/12.  Three days later as Oakly's medical file from Greenhill demonstrates,  as underlined above,  (entire file linked here:  Oakly's File) all treatment was stopped by order of Greenhill's vet, Gail Schroder.  Oakly had treatable ailments, infected ears and goopy eyes.  Schroder's note after the CVT's notation says that "treatment was painful and not likely to improve condition"  this is not true.  When examined and treated by a qualified vet, Oakly's ailments did improve immensely,  and Oakly lived on for another 16 months, with his ailments treated, in comfort, and surrounded by love because the rescue community demanded that Greenhill do the right thing for this senior dog.

Oscar was a First Avenue cat, intake date 7/24/12 that was transferred to the Greenhill Rd facility for eye surgery.  Except for three days after his transfer, Oscar's medical file demonstrates that Oscar went nearly an entire month without pain medication and he never received a proper examination or treatment for a very painful ruptured eye.  Oscar's medical records from Greenhill  can be seen here:  Oscar's file .  

Oscar's medical file from Greenhill also demonstrates that Oscar did not receive proper treatment for his eye until after he was rescued by West Coast Dog & Cat, nearly a month after he was transferred to Greenhill's care and neglected.

Our question is why would our elected officials and other accept as fact what one Greenhill animal's file demonstrates but not what is demonstrated by other similar Greenhill medical files?

Withholding treatment is a violation of Oregon State Statute.
See http://www.nokilllanecounty.org/2013/05/violation-of-state-statute-greenhills.html for more detailed information regarding Oakly & Oscar

The pug Myrtle was at Greenhill in April of 2014.  What happened to her demonstrates that this neglect of animals by withholding proper treatment, and not following customary veterinary practices continues at Greenhill.  Here is the link to her story:  http://www.nokilllanecounty.org/2014/08/greenhills-vet-delays-emergecy-pyometra.html