Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Why No Kill is the Way: No-Kill Nevada Humane vs. Greenhill (Not No Kill)

No Kill Nevada Humane's 2013 Statistics vs. Greenhill:
  • With around 60 employees, NHS took in 11,844 total animals and adopted out 8,628.
  • Greenhill with around 40-50 employees took in 3,300 and adopted out 1,886.
  • No Kill Nevada Humane has 5,000 volunteers on the roster and 2600 foster homes.
  • Greenhill has 300 - 500 active volunteers (1,000 on their roster) and 115 foster homes (these numbers have not changed much since 2011).
  • Nevada Humane, unlike Greenhill does not receive any taxpayer funds.
  • Nevada Humane Documented Overall live release rate:  93.5%
  • Greenhill Documented Overall live release rate:  Not available
Lane County and Washoe County have similar demographics:
Washoe County 2013 population estimate: 433,731
Median Household Income 2008-2012:  $53,994
Persons per square mile 2010:  66.10
Lane County 2013 population estimate: 356,212
Median Houshold Income 2008-2012: $42,628
Persons per square mile 2010:  77.2
*taken from:

Nevada Humane because of its documented success is eligible for many grants, and has very broad community support. For example NHS received grants from Maddie's fund totaling $1,188,795.
They include:
• $800,000 in 2012 for saving all healthy and treatable dogs and cats.
• An award of $46,795 in 2010 to purchase and install a digital X-ray machine.
• $250,000 in 2007 for Maddie’s Pet Adoption Center
• $92,000 for six additional grants

What's the difference? Nevada Humane is No Kill and has a skilled No Kill director and management team leading them.   NHS is transparent and accountable to the community.  If you ask Nevada Humane any question on their Facebook page, they answer it, even uncomfortable questions.  If you ask Greenhill an uncomfortable question, you get bawled out, your question not answered.  NHS is transparent that they do euthanize animals, Greenhill tries to keep it a secret.  We can have this level of care and transparency for our community's animals too! Why would anyone be fighting against better care to more animals?  This is why we are bringing No Kill to Lane County, because our community's animals deserve no less.  There is no reason to settle for Greenhill's current "the best they can do".  To not strive to be as successful as Nevada Humane is just negligent.

No Kill is the Way!

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