Sunday, May 25, 2014

Greenhill's Two Versions of 2013's Bark in the Park

No Kill starts with a Compassionate Director who provides transparency.  No Kill Lane County continue to be victims of Greenhill's misrepresentations of the truth. (see links and graphic below)  We have Greenhill's two versions of Bark in the Park; right after the event, and again, an embellished version in an email April 25, 2014 asking the City of Eugene for a financial accommodation.  The May 2013 article was a perfect opportunity to blast us for our alleged horrifying behavior, yet no mention was made. How odd.  Even if they were trying to downplay what happened, wouldn't you think that some sort of mention other than not being pre-registered be made?   Or if we really were asked to leave because of our behavior, Sasha would have said that?  Why no mention that Greenhill staff, volunteers and participants were fearful of us as claimed in Sasha's email of April 25th?  I find it hard to believe the Eugene Weekly would have left out such important details in the May 2013 article, had they been told.
Sasha said in May 2013 we were asked to leave because we weren't registered has mysteriously morphed into "asked to leave because of our behavior". Sasha claimed in May 2013 what happened was "a small blip".  However, what Sasha describes in her April 25 2014 email is no "small blip". Had we acted as described in the April 25th email, we should have been arrested, and rightly so. Nor would our attorney have had any recourse to address the City about the violation to our Civil Rights, which he did do.  The facts are that we acted out in no such way, and again, Greenhill is just not telling the truth.  Greenhill is just angry we had space 2014 and were afraid of the truth being told to the few hundred people in attendance at their event.  Greenhill has asked for financial accommodation from the City of Eugene under false pretenses.
Our version of what happened last year has not changed, yet, with each telling Greenhill's version gets more and more elaborate. What an embarrassment to such a potentially great community organization.  At the very least we want a public apology from Greenhill, however we aren't holding our breath.  Those involved and supportive of this defamation need to be immediately fired.

Here is the link to the Eugene Weekly article:

Sasha's email from April 25, 2014 we obtained from the City (click on image to read)