Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Greenhill Misleads their Volunteers About Animal Outcomes

How do we know this? When we were tabling in April, 2014 a young lady came up to us and asked us about Hercules, who she knew. She told us that Greenhill told her Hercules was no longer at First Ave; and as a result, of course they all thought he'd been adopted. The real truth is Greenhill had put Hercules to death, and deliberately misled the volunteers. Is Greenhill just unconcerned with facts? It seems so.

Here is a video of Hercules.  You can see from this video he was clearly saveable, regardless of any issues he may have had in the kennel.  A reputable and experienced rescue wanted to pull Hercules, but Greenhill said no and put him to death instead.  This is NOT No Kill as Greenhill falsely claims they are.