Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Greenhill Director Falsely Accuses No Kill Lane County of Making Death Threats

In January this year, Greenhill's Executive Director, Cary Lieberman, in an open forum accused No Kill Lane County of making death threats to Greenhill staff.  This of course, is not at all true.  When asked by local media to provide documentation to prove his claim of receiving death threats, Lieberman was unable to provide any proof whatsoever.   No Kill Lane County continue to be the victims of Greenhill's defamation. 

As for Lieberman's other claim of a 90% "save rate" for the past five years, those numbers are self-reported and undocumented.  We know he didn't tell the truth about the death threats, why would we believe his claims about Greenhill's save rate?

No Kill starts with a Compassionate Director who provides transparency, honesty and accountability.  Time for No Kill at Greenhill.  No Kill is The Way.