Saturday, March 1, 2014

Community Member Testimony - Ashley Lance


    I was encouraged to write to you about two separate experiences I've had with Greenhill. I participated in their dog-walker seminar in August/September 2009, but never ended up volunteering. In the seminar, they told us they were a no-kill shelter, except for in cases of terminal illness. Obviously this was a lie.

    About 8 months later, (May/June 2010) my husband and I were very interested in adopting a dog that they had at the time. When we asked if she was ok with cats, they said they didn't know and that they wouldn't cat-test her. Then he asked, "What would you do if she killed your cat? Would you bring her back? We want our dogs to have forever homes and not to come back." I understood the last part, but they weren't even interested in working with us. 

When we adopted our dog from Florence, they had us bring our other dog in, picked one of their tough cats that liked dogs, and introduced him to the dog, and their vet was even there with her 4 small children (including an infant) and she had them play with the dog to see how he did. We were blown away by their kindness and willingness to work with us.

Greenhill was horrible. In a way, we're thankful because it led us to the amazing dog we rescued instead, but 4 years later I still think about Penny (that was her name) and wonder what happened to her and whether or not she made it out. I support your cause and appreciate what you are doing to help the animals. I wish I lived closer and could volunteer. Good luck and thank you!

Ashley Lance
Coos Bay