Saturday, May 17, 2014

Norbert the Great Pyrenees - a family's unhappy experience at First Avenue Shelter

We have a story from a family that fell in love with Norbert, the Great Pyrenees, and wanted to give him a home.  This was an adult home, with one 16 year old.  The family called and visited, and called and visited First Avenue, but were given the run around.

Comments from family members include:
"They wouldn't let him come out because they didn't think he was safe."

"He was a very happy dog and responsive to commands like sit and lay down but they seemed to believe he was a troublesome dog."

"I believe they have little knowledge of how to train animals."

"We tried to let them know we were really interested, but they didn't seem to care."

"They wouldn't let him come out of the kennel so we just pet him through the gate."

"We were told he was not adoptable yet. That he wasn't socialized and still very scared, although he came up to us in his kennel and loved the attention we gave him. Every question I asked about him, as well as their hours the next day to see him again, was not answered directly."

"On the 16th they told us they were talking to a rescue, then on the 17th they told my mom they didn't know if the rescue would come get him or not."

"All the other dogs were barking, and he was calm and collected and just wanted some love. What they were telling us and how he was acting were two very different things."

"We were all heart broken. We fell in love with him."

"Unsafe and Unsocialized" (according to Greenhill) Norbert got a temperament test at the rescue in Sacramento.  Read comments below from the family that wanted to adopt him and the rescue.