Friday, August 16, 2013

Why the prohibited/unethical relationship between Greenhill's Lieberman & Semple matters.

From June 12, 2013

I find it interesting that it is clearly against the city of Springfield's (and likely the city of Eugene and county's) policies for a supervisor/subordinate romantic liaison, yet the Greenhill board has elected to "overlook" their own in-house drama situation:

"Smith, 64, opted to retire rather than face an investigation into the videotaped encounter after city officials first learned of the incident in March, City Manager Gino Grimaldi first acknowledged last weekend.

City policy prohibits department supervisors from engaging in romantic relationships with their employees, Grimaldi said."

What a horribly uncomfortable work environment this must be for the Greenhill/First Street employees.

'It [the letter sent to the city of Springfield accusing Smith of impropriety] also accuses Smith of falsifying documents in order to justify the woman’s job and benefits, and of attending to “personal business” while attending training with her."

When a supervisor is lovers with a subordinate, this sort of unethical behavior is common. That is why all organizations that have integrity make--and uphold--policies against such relationships.

Debi McNamara