Monday, June 3, 2013

Greenhill Kills Adoptable & Treatable Animals

Greenhill "Humane" in Eugene, OR has put to death many animals with treatable issues, even though they claim that they don't. Animals are not "red alert" networked, and in fact rescue and adoption options are blatantly ignored by shelter management. We want Greenhill to stop the killing of adoptable and treatable animals, abide by the public contract stipulations, and we want a No Kill Director, new Director of Shelter Medicine and a trained behaviorist put in place. Enough is enough!  

Please sign and share our petition:

Self-reported, undocumented "save rates" aren't very credible.  Greenhill has refused our requests for public records and/or to provide documentation for these numbers.  Hardly "one of the top shelters in the country" as Lieberman claims. 

By not responding to community concerns about Greenhill operations, the following Greenhill Staff and Board are responsible for the deaths of adoptable and treatable animals.