Monday, April 15, 2013

Lieberman & Rudebeck Must Resign

On April 9th, Molly Sargent wrote to the Greenhill Board of Directors asking them to have Lieberman & Semple resign because their unethical, inappropriate relationship violates Greenhill personnel policy (page 7 Employee Manual).   She also requested that if this was not true to let her know.  Since they have not responded, we take this as confirmation of this this relationship. 

Update 4/16/13.  Board President Heidi Sann responded:
-------- Original Message --------
Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2013 16:01:48 -0700
From: Heidi Sann <>
To: Molly Sargent
Dear Ms. Sargent,
We cannot discuss emplyee matters publicly. I can assure you that the good work the management, staff and volunteers perform every day to ensure the health and welfare of animals is Greenhill’s top priority.

Heidi Sann
Board President

The Greenhill Board is looking the other way, as they have on other policy violations such as those regarding animal care.  This is in direct violation of state rules governing Board of Directors. 

This relationship also puts Lieberman's hiring of Semple into an unethical light, and that is also a violation of Greenhill personnel policies.  This relationship creates a hostile work environment, and opens Greenhill up to yet further law suits.  Both should resign immediately.  In my opinion, one of them should have resigned the moment after this inappropriate relationship began.

Here is Molly's Email sent on April 9th:

To the Greenhill Board of Directors,
For several months there have been rumors regarding an inappropriate relationship between your Director Cary Lieberman and your Assistant Director Jaclyn Semple.  Even though you have not responded to others e-mails regarding it, I am now assuming this is true since both spouses of Cary and Jaclyn have been removed from their bios on your web page. If this is a false accusation then please inform me immediately.
This would be nobody's business but theirs if it were not for the fact that they work together, one subordinate to the other. In your own employee hand book, page 7, it states that this relationship is not allowed.

I am disappointed, to say the least, that you have not addressed this breach of conduct. Morale suffers and most importantly animals suffer when administration does not follow its own rules.
Please, for the sake of your organization and the animals in its care, ask both Cary Lieberman and Jaclyn Semple to resign as soon as possible and replace them with a director and assistant director that care more about the animals in their care than they do about personal relationships at work.
This is a damaging and unethical situation and should be resolved immediately before your organization loses what little credibility it has left with the community.
Molly Sargent