Sunday, December 9, 2012

Lawsuit Filed Against Greenhill

Heidy Hollister is a hero for the animals, who are her main concern.   It is a shame that it has to come to this so that animals are cared for properly.  This lawsuit also alleges:  “reporting what she reasonably believed to be criminal conduct” by Greenhill and its vet, Gail Schroder, “by failing to provide veterinary care that a reasonable person would deem necessary to relieve distress of animals due to injury, neglect or disease”.
We know this neglect is continuing, and neither the Board nor the Executive Director will act to stop this abuse.  Perhaps they will now.

Here is the complaint:  Hollister v. Greenhill Complaint.pdf

Update:  Greenhill settled this lawsuit in the discovery phase for "a substantial amount" according to Hollister's attorney.  Greenhill objected to providing the files of the animals killed by them; and instead paid up to make the problem go away.  Settlement arrangements are and remain confidential.

If Greenhill has nothing to hide, as they say, why all the secrecy?   Our documentation proves they withheld treatment from animals.  Oakly & Oscar.