Sunday, November 10, 2013

Greenhill's Lieberman & Schroder Can't Keep Their Stories Straight

It is time for Cary Lieberman and Gail Schroder to step down. They have embarrassed Greenhill Humane Society enough. There is no need for them to continue to destroy the organization's reputation any further.  They have chosen to not be truthful about many things, all documented.  The dog Kahlua is just one of them.  How much longer is Greenhill's board willing to let these two destroy Greenhill's credibility with the community? On KPNW-AM broadcast on 9/27/12, Gail stated about the condition of Kahlua's teeth:

"Kahlua's teeth were fine...
I am not really sure how, somebody probably well meaning got some misinformation and um, made a comment about Kahlua that just wasn't true. So you know, if we have an animal that we think has dental needs that is something we address, uh, but in this case that just wasn't the case with Kahlua...So, again, all I can tell you is that I saw Kahlua, I examined her. I have extensive medical training as a veterinarian and the information that is out there sometimes just isn't correct. ....all I can tell you, what I know from having seen the animal"

However, in an email dated 8/14/12, Director Cary Lieberman said the following about Kahlua's teeth:

To:, Nancy Yamin, Molly Sargent
Sent: 8/14/2012 11:37:13 A.M. Pacific Standard Time
Subj: RE: Kahlua's Dental Work

Kahlua was adopted from Greenhill a few days ago.  We had two veterinarians consult with her before her adoption and it was determined that she had old facial injuries – possibly from an earlier trauma.  There are broken teeth, nerve damage, and paralysis on the left side of her face, however Kahlua has no pain in her face or teeth. There was no evidence of disease in her mouth, gums or teeth either.

Cary Lieberman, CAWA
Executive Director
Greenhill Humane Society
88530 Green Hill Rd.
Eugene OR 97402
(541) 689-1503, ext. 113

The big question is, why lie about something as simple as this?  Why not just tell the truth?  If Gail Schroder's "
extensive medical training as a veterinarian" tells her that a dog with "...broken teeth, nerve damage, and paralysis on the left side of her face..." equals "Kahlua's teeth were fine..." Greenhill needs a new Director of Shelter Medicine.  Can you trust anything either one of them says?  We say no.

We still don't really know what happened to the dog Kahlua, as she was returned to Greenhill shortly after her initial adoption.  Given the huge fabrication about her teeth; we don't even know for sure if she is alive; Greenhill refuses to provide her records.  
Where is Kahlua?