Saturday, October 20, 2012

Kahlua's Teeth, Lies and Videotape

It does indeed matter that suffering is relieved, even if an animal is going to die anyway.  I do not understand why Greenhill's Director of Shelter Medicine does not believe or practice this; nor can I understand why the Board and Executive Director look the other way while animals suffer.

It is clear that Schroder did not tell the truth about Kahlua on the KPNW-AM broadcast. Not only do we have screenshots of Greenhill's Facebook page talking about Kahlua's damaged teeth, we now have this video evidence from KMTR. Why would Schroder lie about something as simple as Kahlua's teeth?  What else is she not being truthful about?

Click on the pictures to enlarge.

On KPNW-AM Gail stated about the condition of Kahlua's teeth:
"Kahlua's teeth were fine... I am not really sure how, somebody probably well meaning got some misinformation and um, made a comment about Kahlua that just wasn't true. So you know, if we have an animal that we think has dental needs that is something we address, uh, but in this case that just wasn't the case with Kahlua...So, again, all I can tell you is that I saw Kahlua, I examined her. I have extensive medical training as a veterinarian and the information that is out there sometimes just isn't correct. ....all I can tell you, what I know from having seen the animal"

We have found additional documented evidence that Kahlua's teeth were indeed damaged. Kahlua was KMTR Pet of the Week, July 20, 2012. At 1:50 in this video they discuss Kahlua's broken teeth. 

Click for video: KMTR Kahlua Pet of the Week

Greenhill controls their Facebook pages and their image with an iron fist.  It is ludicrous of them to expect us to believe that for an entire month the many postings about Kahlua's need for a dental, and Kahlua's broken teeth were not corrected.  They were revised, however,  after we posted screenshots of the original post. The "misinformation" is coming from Lieberman and Schroder, Greenhill staff is blameless.   Why can't Lieberman & Schroder just tell just truth?