Tuesday, October 2, 2012

R.I.P. Mister. You didn't deserve to die when you did.

Here is a picture of Mister. Gail Schroder put Mister to death, even though CVT Heidy Hollister had found a hospice home for him. Instead of living out what was left of his life with love and comfort, he was put to death.   In a letter to the editor, CVT Randi Golub stated that Greenhill had told her about Mister: "Mister was a feline leukemia virus/feline immunodeficiency virus-positive cat with cancer and a terribly painful eye condition that rendered him almost blind." 

It appears that Greenhill has been less than truthful to Ms. Golub as well. Mister doesn't look "almost blind".   How does it feel to be lied to by those you are publicly defending?

In an August 3rd email to Greenhill's Lieberman and Semple, CVT Heidy Hollister said of Mister:
"Another case in point, Mister, FIV/FelV positive kitty with tumors, eating, purring, engaging in human interaction. He was up for euthanasia, but I found a rescue that was willing to take him into a foster home to live out the rest of his life, however short, a week, a month or possibly longer. Gail Schroder informed me that this cat was suffering.  Again, as a vet tech, a suffering cat does NOT eat, purr, engage in human interaction, and loves on you when you take him out of his kennel.  I guess she and I disagree on what suffering means. This kitty was euthanized today, while I had arranged a transfer.  What does the contract with the City say about this?
To me, it looks like we would rather euthanize a cat than have him live out the rest of his remaining life in a loving home.  Again, this is not okay with me.  What kind of humane society are we? Gail Schroder's response to this was that she rewrote her policies and procedures and I am no longer to "waste" my time on finding rescues."

In an August 5th email to Greenhill's Lieberman and Semple Heidy Hollister writes:
"While Gail Schroder and I were waiting for Mister's pre euthanasia sedation to take effect, Gail Schroder continued to get text messages on her phone, and she was giggling and thoroughly engaged with the text messages.  After administering the sedation, she walked out several times, and didn't even monitor his response to the drugs.  Some of these kitties do not respond well.  I was left to hold the kitty in my arms comforting it.  I would have expected a little more respect for Mister's fate, and a little more professionalism from our DVM.  Euthanasia is NOT something to take lightly, no matter if it is in a shelter setting, or with a client present; there should be NO difference."

A volunteer said of Mister:  "I had the pleasure of meeting this sweet cat, and he didn't act like any suffering cat I've ever met."

If you would like to bring Gail Schroder's behavior to the attention of a local body you can do so by emailing your complaints and concerns to: Lane County Veterinary Medical Association -LaneCountyVMA@gmail.com

R.I.P. Mister. You didn't deserve to die when you did.
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