Wednesday, September 26, 2012

No Kill Nevada Humane

Nevada Humane Society
Current employees NHS:  59 fte
Washoe County 2011 population  425,710 - Median Household Income $55,658

Lane County 2011 population  353,416 - Median Household income $42,923
Summary of Accomplishments 2011

Lifesaving Statistics: Save Rate
-Countywide Save Rate (NHS and WCRAS combined) for 2011: Dogs—91% Cats—91%. 
-NHS Save Rate for 2011: Dogs—93% Cats—93%
-WCRAS Save Rate for 2011: Dogs—92% Cats—95%

Comparison (source Maddie’s Fund 2010 annual report)
Community-wide live release rate for 2009:
-Western Region of US—63% 

Per Capita Animal Deaths in Shelter 2011 Washoe County:
-Dogs and cats killed at WCRAS and NHS—1,475
-2.88 animals killed per 1,000 residents

Comparison (source Maddie’s Fund 2010 annual report):
-Western Region of US—7.5 animals killed per1,000 residents

Nevada Humane Society Adoptions (all animals)
-2011—9,340 down 328 animals, - 3% (cat admissions were down 8% for the first time)
-2010—9,668 up 484 animals, + 5%
-2009—9,184 up 549 animals, + 6%
-2008—8,635 up 605 animals, + 7%
-2007—8,030 up 3,040 animal, + 61% 
-2006—4,990 (pre-no-kill initiative; includes Jan & Feb animal services adoption stats) 

In 2007, the first year of the no-kill initiative, NHS decreased the number of dogs and cats killed in shelters by 51%. (2,700 fewer dogs and cats lost their lives in area shelters than in 2006.) This was the greatest decline of any community in that year. 

Other Accomplishments
Spay/Neuter and the NHS Clinic
•Every dog, cat, puppy, and kitten was spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and mircrochipped before adoption. Rabbits were also spayed or neutered before adoption.
The NHS Clinic performed 8,824 spay/neuter surgeries, 621 other surgical procedures, 401 dental procedures, and 594 X-rays. 
•NHS Clinic provided over $50,000 worth of veterinary services to pet owners who could not afford to treat a sick or injured pet. Underwrote an additional $5,000 worth of services through other clinics. Additionally the clinic provided free veterinary services and spay/neuter to the pets of homeless people.
•Subsidized over $16,000 worth of additional spay/neuter surgeries in other clinics. 
Animal Care
•Instituted a geriatric care program for early screening and follow-up for senior pets in the shelter.
•Enhanced dog enrichment program, including frozen food treats, Jolly Balls, and treadmill training.
Animal Help Desk 
•Responded to 23,755 requests for an average of 457 per week. This is a 15% increase over 2010. Note: The Animal Help Desk stats do not include general inquiries to NHS or calls that go directly to clinic reception or adoption staff.
Pet Food Assistance Program
•The Pet Food Assistance Program provided cat or dog food on a temporary basis to over 2,500 people who could not afford to feed their pets due to financial hardship. 
Adoption Programs
•Created new adoption promotions including Cat Convention, Doggie Palooza, Cattitude, Cinco de Meow & Bow Wow, Celebrating Ancient Egypt, & Pet Olympics.
•Operated two holiday offsite adoption centers, rent free, at The Summit and Franktown Corners. The Summit center was operated entirely by volunteers.
Volunteer Program
•5,538 adults have attended volunteer orientation; 7,541 volunteers are on the roles. 
•2,456 foster homes on the roles. 
•Developed and implemented volunteer Sun Valley Spay Patrol for six months. 
•Implemented new Pets on Tour program for off-site adoption volunteers.
•Doubled yellow-dot (advanced) dog walking brigade; started in 2011 with 64 and ended the year with 101. Increased trained Hiking Buddies volunteers by 58. 
•Integration of donor database into Adopt-a-Friend database.
Media Coverage
•458 media stories/coverage of NHS, including TV news stories, radio interviews, print and online articles, and free ads – averaging 38 per month
Conference Speaking Engagements
Presentations sharing NHS’s successful programs:
•Humane Society of the United State’s National EXPO with Maddie’s Fund personnel in Orlando, Florida
•No-Kill Solutions No-Kill Conference in Washington D.C .
•Best Friends National No More Homeless Pets Conference in Las Vegas
•San Antonio Area Foundation, No-Kill San Antonio presentation
•Animal Grantmakers’ Conference in Los Angeles