Thursday, September 27, 2012

Greenhill Employee Testimony from 2010

Sent 8/10/10

This is all pretty much in random order, completely disorganized. I’m just writing down everything that comes to mind, this is just the beginning. Once I have everything down I will re-write it in better order so that it makes more sense. Also these are JUST the things I have seen in the surgery suite, so there will be much more to come.
The surgery suite is 3 rooms.
-The main room is where all of the cat kennels are at (where they recover) and where [Greenhill CVT employee’s] table is at. This is where all of the animals are prepped for surgery and where the cats are neutered. This is the room that I am usually in.
-There is the dog room where all of the dog kennels are.
-Then there is the OR where all the cat spays and dog spays and neuters are done by [Greenhill vet employee]. Since I am usually not in that room I do not know much about what exactly she does and doesn't do.

So these are just the things I have seen in the main room.
Reversal shot given to each cat after surgery with the SAME needle.
[Greenhill volunteer] who is friends with [Greenhill vet employee] volunteers on Mondays. She is not a Greenhill employee, I believe [Greenhill vet employee] pays her under the table. [Greenhill volunteer] has zero veterinary experience yet [Greenhill vet employee] allows her to give the reversal shots, ear tip the TNR cats and microchip. I confronted [Greenhill vet employee] about [Greenhill volunteer] using the same needle and she told me we don't have time to change needles and got very mad and defensive about the subject. [A different Greenhill employee] does change out her needles between animals, it is just [Greenhill vet employee] and [Greenhill volunteer] that do not feel that it is necessary.

[Greenhill CVT employee] uses the SAME blade for every cat being neutered. The blade is simply run under tap water for two seconds before being used on the next cat. The towel on the table (where the cats/dogs are fixed) is not changed out in between each surgery. Every cat/dog lays on the same towel, covered in blood, lice, fleas, fur and possibly ringworm from the previous animal.
Very often (multiple times a day) cats/kittens will wake up while being neutered and some will even turn around, growl, hiss, kick their legs and try to pull them self off of the table. [Greenhill CVT employee] will continue the surgery even while they are awake, growling and kicking in pain. Myself and the other assistant have both asked every time if we can please gas them back down before she continues. Her response every time is that it is better to just hurry up and get it done.
When people want vaccines for their cats/dogs the vaccines are drawn up, taped to their paper work and left on the table at room temperature for hours prior to surgery (when the vaccine is given). I have been told by another veterinarian that if a vaccine sits out in room temperature for longer than 10 minutes it becomes ineffective.
When cats are euthanized in the surgery suite, heart sticks are not done (at least not that I have seen) to ensure the cat is really dead before being put in a garbage bag and in to the freezer. I remember one occasion where [Greenhill vet employee] euthanized a cat then asked me to place him in to a garbage bag. I asked her if she would do a heart stick on the cat to make sure he was really gone. She assured me that he was dead but I insisted that she did it before I put him in the bag. [Greenhill vet employee] told me that even if he is alive, he is brain dead so it doesn't matter, he will die eventually. Brain dead or not it is wrong to put a half dead animal in a bag then in a freezer to die! Finally [Greenhill vet employee] gave in and did a heart stick on him, sure enough he was still alive with a heart beat! [Greenhill vet employee] injected more fatal plus directly in to his heart which finally killed him.
[Greenhill vet employee] and [Greenhill volunteer] are excessively rough with the cats and dogs. I understand that animals need to be stimulated to wake up faster after surgery but they (especially [Greenhill volunteer]) take it way too far. She POUNDS on them, smacking the dogs as hard as she can over and over again. Then she rubs the cats extremely hard. Rubbing is not the word, she does it HARD. They call it "rough them up". When I recover the cats and dogs, I stimulate them by turning them other every few minutes, playing with their ears, pulling lightly on their tongues, tapping near their eyes and patting them, NOT pounding on them. Sure they wake up faster the rougher you are with them but it is unnecessary and mean. I can't even imagine how sore they are after the surgery alone not to mention practically being beaten up.
Cats are thrown back in to traps with urine and feces with out a blanket, towel or pad. They lie in their dirty, cold, hard traps and shiver. It is heartbreaking to watch. I always clean out any feces or urine and place some sort of padding in the trap for them to lay on. I was practically teased for doing this. Simple things like this that can be done to make the animals so much for comfortable seems foreign to them. They don't understand why I would "go out of my way" or take extra time to do things like this.
Much more to come.

Sent 8/11/10:

This may or may not mean anything as far as building a case but I figured it's better to write it down before I forget.
I have started having really morbid nightmares about ME killing cats. Obviously something I would never do. It's scary my mind is even thinking up these things. I just now woke up from another one. These dreams seem so real and the emotions are so strong even after I wake up. Long story short, [A co-worker] asked me to pick up a cat from a lady in an apartment building, for whatever crazy reason I thought the cat was dead. I put him in a Safeway bag and took him home and put him in our freezer. A few days later (in my dream) I was back at the apartment building at night with my mom, carrying the cat in the bag (not sure why) then it dawned on me that [the co-worker] had never said the cat was dead. I freaked out and told my mom to take him out and check. He was still alive but now almost dead. I had put an alive cat in my freezer to die. The rest of my dream I just freaked out screaming and crying not knowing what to do. Then I woke up crying.
I never had dreams like this before Greenhill. This is the 2nd or 3rd dream I've had. I didn't write the others down so I don't remember them but I know that they were like this one. 
On Sunday (at work) I was going room to room giving everyone wet food and heard baby kittens crying. I went back to each room to try to figure out where it was coming from then I could hear them in the euthanize room. I went down there and opened the door and heard them crying from the freezer. The crying stopped and I realized I was hallucinating. (of course I still looked in the freezer to make sure) I’m going crazy! I don't know if this kind of stuff matters, but if it does let me know and I will continue to document it.