Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Who We Are

No Kill Lane County isn't a rescue group, but a group of individuals in the rescue community who support the proper implementation of the No Kill Equation, in its entirety here in Lane County.  LCAS prior to its closing, was very close to being a No Kill shelter, Greenhill Humane Society is not No Kill, not by a long shot.  

Our goal is to provide a healthy shelter environment not only for the animals but for the staff as well. Greenhill's management practices must change.

If you want to know a bit about No Kill, you can learn here: No Kill 101

Our group was recently formed because Greenhill took over the former LCAS facility. They aren't doing a very good job. Employees and volunteers have recently come forward to publicly talk about improper and inhumane practices at Greenhill. These brave people went through proper channels reporting these incidents to Greenhill's management and board and for the most part, got absolutely no response. They (Greenhill) do try to paint us as a small radical group, which is not the case at all.

Unfortunately, what is required now is to make this information public, because our donation dollars and now tax dollars support this facility. The community deserves the truth. This evidence is documented by more than one person, and would stand as testimony in court should this become necessary. We have sought legal counsel prior to launching our group.  Please join us, because the animals deserve better.