Monday, August 20, 2012

Testimony from Diane Weaver, CVT

I have written an e-mail to (Director) Cary Lieberman and (Assistant Director) Jaclyn Semple about these issues with no response.

I am a Certified Veterinary Technician for over 30 years.  I have been a volunteer with LCAS for almost 2 years and continue to volunteer at the shelter helping Heidy* (Hollister) in the clinic.  Since the “transition", I have observed some disturbing incidents involving Dr. Schroder.

7/25/12   Two cats were in the shelter with upper respiratory infections (URI) that had not been examined or treated.  When questioned about them Dr.  Schroder  told me they needed to be put on the board and would be examined at her convenience and that upper respiratory infections were her lowest priority.  Yet she also told me that URI’s were very contagious and these cats were not to be touched by anyone because “that’s how it’s spread”.  I would think that an illness that has the potential to infect the entire cat population at the shelter would be a higher priority and treatment would be started immediately.  (URI is mainly airborne and is spread in that manner.)

8/1/12  Two kittens in the cat program arrived with URI, Dr Schroder would not examine them, but told the kennel worker that if their temp was below 103, to vaccinate them.   Their temp was 103.8 matted eyes and nose, they were sent home without treatment. Dr  Schroder  said they are not “our” cats yet, we cannot treat them.  (However) According to the Guidelines for Standards of Care in Animal Shelters which Greenhill says they follow, (and do not)  “the legal status of the animal must never prevent treatment to relieve suffering.” - page 30.  
Admin Comment:  In addition, the caretaker of these kittens had already paid $20 to get these kittens into the cat program.  Greenhill took their money, but won't take any responsibility for them?  Just what does it take in Schroder's moving target "procedures" for her to consider the kittens Greenhill's responsibility?

I was very happy to learn that Mister, a cat that was FIV and Felv positive but not showing signs yet, was going to be transferred to a foster home to live out his days, only to learn later that Dr. Schroder elected to euthanize him (put him to death) instead.Why?  (Why would Dr. Schroder choose to put to death any animal that had a loving home waiting)?

Oakly, a senior dog with very crusted eyes, a severe ear infection and a bleeding lump on his toe was only treated by wrapping his toe.I asked , as did others who came through the shelter, why he was left in the run without treatment for his eyes and ears. I was told that Dr. Schroder said he was slated for euthanasia (to be put to death)  and they didn’t want to spend any money on him. Why?   His ailments were all treatable.  (Oakly's intake date is 7/30/12.  Dr. Schroder refused treatment, and Oakly suffered unnecessarily for days).

8/8/12 Greg, an older cat was dehydrated, very thin, with extreme dental disease was in the shelter while Dr. Schroder was out of town.  Heidy and I treated him with fluids, pain meds and rinsed his mouth as best we could.  (Director) Cary Leiberman was in the shelter and we asked him if we could send out diagnostic blood work which would be paid for by a donation from a volunteer.  We wanted to see if there were any underlying problems that would lead to a decision to euthanize instead of treating.  He agreed and we drew blood and wrote up the lab sheet.  The next day I learned that Dr. Schroder upon her return home, stopped the blood work from going to the lab and euthanized Greg.  Why?

*Heidy Hollister was fired by Dr. Schroder for advocating for animals that Schroder either refused to treat in violation of the Guidelines for Standards of Care in Animal Shelters, or wanted to put to death unnecessarily.

Please take action!

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