Monday, August 13, 2012

Documented Insider Testimony

We have very specific background information on each of these claims.  Most are documented by more than one person, who are willing to testify to these truths in a court of law:
  • Money first, public perception second, animals third (or fourth, or fifth)
  • Kittens are killed just on the suspicion of ringworm, without firm diagnosis.
  • Ringworm kittens are killed if there is no foster home available.
  • Neonatal kittens (bottle babies) are killed because these needy babies aren't included in Greenhill's Foster program.
  • Certain surgeries performed were in violation of State Law
  • Sharp instruments are not provided for surgery
  • If one kitten in a litter tests positive for Feline Leukemia or FIV, and the others test negative, the entire litter is killed. (accurate testing really can't be done until kittens are at least 3 months old)
  • The same scalpel is used numerous times, with just a rinse under water in-between animals
  • Suture packs are not provided in sufficient quantities for the number of animals to be operated on
  • Draping on the surgery tables is not changed between animals
  • Animals wake during surgery and are not given additional anesthesia while the surgery progresses
  • Animals are abused by the staff
  • Lying to the public about being No Kill is the norm
  • Staff is abused and bullied by management 
  • An otherwise healthy senior animal was killed because it was stressed; even though rescue options were available.  Staff removed paperwork from the file to cover up this unnecessary death.
  • Director of Shelter medicine let a dog die with no medical intervention*
  • Director of Shelter medicine refused the use of fluids on a sick, dehydrated cat*
  • Ethics are sacrificed for money, numbers and egos.
*Animals that die while in the care of the shelter are not counted against the live release percentage.  These animals should have been humanly euthanized, but that would have counted against the final numbers.

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