Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Greenhill supporter posts illegal and false No Kill Lane County press release on Craigslist

How very sad that Greenhill and their supporters are stooping to such bottom of the barrel and shady tactics. Apparently, some of our criticshave waaayyyyy too much time on their hands. Nothing said in this post made yesterday (see images) is at all true; and we will continue to move forward in calling out Greenhill's atrocities. We apologize to no one for speaking the truth. What kind of person can support the unnecessary killing of treatable animals that have a rescue to go to?

This is not some minor disagreement. Lives are at stake here, and we will continue to fight for them. As for Greenhill's "save rate"; all requests for any sort of documentation to prove these numbers have been ignored. Honestly, who would just accept at face value, any kind of numbers, slapped on to a spreadsheet without asking for proof of how they got there? Self reported and undocumented numbers are meaningless, and it is way past time for Greenhill to back up these numbers with documentation. Their refusal to provide this logical information is a huge red flag.

Awhile ago, one of Greenhill's staunchest supporters, the Director of Cottage Grove Humane Society falsely accused No Kill Lane County of making death threats against Greenhill staff, which they had to publicly recant. Greenhill Executive Director has made the same claim, also without one shred of proof. This is a very common thing to happen, across the country when kill shelter management and apologists are feeling the heat from No Kill advocates.

This sort of thing, of course, means, that No Kill Lane County is having an impact, otherwise we would just be ignored. Please do join us on Facebook You may also see our documentation (Greenhill's own medical records and internal emails) at

The truth, especially the ugly truth, always comes out. ALWAYS. As per usual, I refuse to get into a pissing match on Craigslist with an anonymous nutter. I did feel however, that this did deserve a response.  I thank Greenhill and their supporters for bringing attention to No Kill Lane County and our important mission.

Tamara Barnes
No Kill Lane County

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Community Member Testimony - Ashley Lance


    I was encouraged to write to you about two separate experiences I've had with Greenhill. I participated in their dog-walker seminar in August/September 2009, but never ended up volunteering. In the seminar, they told us they were a no-kill shelter, except for in cases of terminal illness. Obviously this was a lie.

    About 8 months later, (May/June 2010) my husband and I were very interested in adopting a dog that they had at the time. When we asked if she was ok with cats, they said they didn't know and that they wouldn't cat-test her. Then he asked, "What would you do if she killed your cat? Would you bring her back? We want our dogs to have forever homes and not to come back." I understood the last part, but they weren't even interested in working with us. 

When we adopted our dog from Florence, they had us bring our other dog in, picked one of their tough cats that liked dogs, and introduced him to the dog, and their vet was even there with her 4 small children (including an infant) and she had them play with the dog to see how he did. We were blown away by their kindness and willingness to work with us.

Greenhill was horrible. In a way, we're thankful because it led us to the amazing dog we rescued instead, but 4 years later I still think about Penny (that was her name) and wonder what happened to her and whether or not she made it out. I support your cause and appreciate what you are doing to help the animals. I wish I lived closer and could volunteer. Good luck and thank you!

Ashley Lance
Coos Bay

Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Saga of Nellie the Mastiff

According to Greenhill staff, Nellie was:
1.  Adopted
2.  Put to Death
3.  In surgery and we can't tell you what for over the phone.

So when you phone Greenhill and ask about any animal, apparently they aren't allowed to say they don't know and will get back to you, they just say whatever comes to mind and you are just supposed to accept that.  What's wrong with the truth in the first place?

Friday, February 14, 2014

Norbert the Great Pyrenees - a family's unhappy experience at First Avenue Shelter

We have a story from a family that fell in love with Norbert, the Great Pyrenees, and wanted to give him a home.  This was an adult home, with one 16 year old.  The family called and visited, and called and visited First Avenue, but were given the run around.

Comments from family members include:
"They wouldn't let him come out because they didn't think he was safe."

"He was a very happy dog and responsive to commands like sit and lay down but they seemed to believe he was a troublesome dog."

"I believe they have little knowledge of how to train animals."

"We tried to let them know we were really interested, but they didn't seem to care."

"They wouldn't let him come out of the kennel so we just pet him through the gate."

"We were told he was not adoptable yet. That he wasn't socialized and still very scared, although he came up to us in his kennel and loved the attention we gave him. Every question I asked about him, as well as their hours the next day to see him again, was not answered directly."

"On the 16th they told us they were talking to a rescue, then on the 17th they told my mom they didn't know if the rescue would come get him or not."

"All the other dogs were barking, and he was calm and collected and just wanted some love. What they were telling us and how he was acting were two very different things."

"We were all heart broken. We fell in love with him."

"Unsafe and Unsocialized" (according to Greenhill) Norbert got a temperament test at the rescue in Sacramento.  Read comments below from the family that wanted to adopt him and the rescue.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Dog Brooklynn

Why the different stories?  Why not just tell the truth?