Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Former Volunteer/Adopter Speaks Out

See Greenhill's Vet Record here:   Greenhill's Vet delays Pyometra Emergency Surgery

Veterinarians Dr. Bill Young and Dr. DuWayne Penfold sit on the Lane County Animal Services Advisory Committee.  The purpose of the committee is to supply oversight to Greenhill and their practices.  We have asked both vets to tell us what their protocol is for pyometra and an animal with a ruptured eye.

Dr. Bill Young replied to us regarding pyometra:  "On suspected pyometra, we do bloodwork, start fluids and antibiotics, and do surgery as soon as the animal is stable enough for anesthesia."

Greenhill's vet, Gail Schroder did none of these things for a senior dog with pyometra; letting this poor little dog suffer for seven days. Greenhill refuses to take responsibility for this neglect. We think Gail was waiting for the dog to die so Greenhill didn't have to spend money on her.

I was volunteering at Greenhill and ended up adopting two dogs, both of which have some serious health problems I was not properly informed about.  I am left trying to scramble for the money to fix the medical problems as I will not give them back to Greenhill because I no longer believe they would care for them. 

One had Pyometra and I was not told this. I found out by rereading the bottom of her dental instructions. It was a small paragraph at the bottom and said it was not resolved. I found that out by taking her to the vet for an anal infection. I read the vets notes again today from Greenhill and she waited 7 days while the dog's temp went up from the Pyometra to do her spay!

As for the Pyometra it's clearly written that staff said they noticed discharge, but upon the vet exam there was none. Not sure why she didn’t do some kind of vaginal swab. It only states to monitor temp over weekend and give antibiotics if signs of Pyometra.  Pretty sure staff documenting red milky vaginal discharge from an older unspayed dog is a sign of Pyometra, but that's just my opinion.

What if I didn't understand and hadn’t reread the documents? She could have gotten very sick (septic) and possibly died. Why not just start her on the antibiotics at the first sign of discharge as a precaution? Why leave it to a possible temp increase suggesting sepsis and emergency surgery or possible death? Pyometra is not something to play with—it's serious.

The one dog has glaucoma and I wasn't given any meds to take home. I asked and they said no and I offered to buy it. I was not told it was serious enough an eye removal.

One of the guys I used to see at Greenhill asked me about the little one’s eye and wanted to know if they could save it....I didn't know what to say, it was first I had heard of "saving" it. I heard more than one person there say they [Greenhill] don't treat medical issues appropriately. I was brand new and started to slowly put things together about a lot of things, and the final straw was this heartbreaking experience with the dogs I am sorry if this seems long winded. I am emotionally spent and need help.

I am desperately trying to care for them as they were both not well cared for all their lives. They are 9 and 10. I have had dogs my whole life and have never seen this many problems. None of this happened over night, and now I am trying to fix it all. They both deserve to have their last few years in great comfort and they love living with me. I just can't seem to get above water with the medical issues [that were not disclosed] as they both keep having to go back to the vet. I stopped volunteering because I couldn't go back after when I started to unravel with these two dogs.

I find it maddening Greenhill claims they can't afford to care medically for the animals. [Greenhill, unlike LCAS refuses to fundraise for individual animals] It's a lie and I know it. It's not honest to say the vets in Lane County would not donate their time for these kind of procedures. I feel local vets would offer to donate time and care for animals if Greenhill were to push for it. It's obscene they would not want to get that help to ensure all the animals left there in good health. I could go on about my feelings of the lack of care that occurred at Greenhill, as well as the lack of full disclosure about the animals. If Greenhill didn't have the ability to treat them, there is a Portland rescue that would have taken them and all the dogs there get full medical care before ever being adopted out and they explain any and all medical issues that will be lifelong. 

I volunteered [at Greenhill] because I love dogs and did it by choice and on my own time. I will never go back there again. I will never recommend them to people unless they change some of their practices.
Name withheld by request (for now).

Monday, February 16, 2015

What Greenhill's Medical Records Demonstrate

Oscar the Cat:  August 2012
Greenhill's vet, Gail Schroder examined Oscar upon intake and diagnosed a ruptured eye on 7/31/12.  (Extremely painful condition).  They tried pain meds for only three days, leaving Oscar not properly examined and treatment withheld through his release from Greenhill on 8/24/12.

 Their excuse for this, when put on the spot is that they decided to not perform surgery on Oscar because of behavior, so they did nothing; leaving him in pain.  Not performing surgery because they don't feel qualified is one thing but to do nothing else, leaving this cat to suffer is unconscionable.

They didn't feel that performing surgery on Oscar was "a humane option" but leaving him to sit without any treatment for a ruptured eye is?

When asked about what happened to Oscar while in their care, this is their reply:

In fact the question was characterized correctly based on information taken directly from Oscar's medical records.  Since apparently Greenhill's veterinary staff is not qualified enough to do the surgery based on Oscar's behavior and medical situation, what they are saying is they thought it was appropriate to do nothing; leaving Oscar to suffer.  No asking for outside help, no transferring Oscar to the rescue that wanted him; nothing.

When taken to a qualified veterinarian on 8/28/12; Oscar was sedated so his eye could be examined properly and he had surgery to remove what the vet called an "extremely painful" ruptured eye.  Oscar's acting out was because he was afraid, and because he was in immense pain.  Pain which Greenhill's vet is not qualified or caring enough to recognize.

Post op care was provided by a skilled caregiver with no problems.  Oscar went to live with the home that West Coast Dog & Cat had arranged for him in early August 2012.  Oscar was not dangerous or even acting out once his eye was removed and he received proper care that Greenhill's medical staff denied him.  


Lieberman's Emotional Blackmail of former Greenhill employee

In November, 2014, Greenhill's Executive director wrote an email to a former employee, who has given us her testimony.  (See:  Resignation Letter)  Lieberman's email is below:

What Greenhill is failing to grasp here is its not speaking the truth about what goes on behind the scenes, its the actions behind the scenes that need to change.  This former employee refuses to keep Greenhill's secrets.  She is a hero.  Lieberman is placing blame on others instead of cleaning up inhumane acts and abuse of the animals.  This abuse and neglect are the problem, not that former employees are choosing to speak out about them.

This is attempted emotional blackmail.  Shameful, abusive behavior from Greenhill's management. Lieberman is asking people to lie so he can keep his job.

(No "expression of dismay" was left on Greenhill's voicemail)

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Greenhill Fires Vet Tech at LCAS Facility

Heidy, the vet tech at LCAS, was fired in August 2012. She was fired because she fought against Greenhill veterinarian Gail Schroder's decision to kill healthy, adoptable pets. Read Heidy's email exchange with Ops Manager Jaclyn Rudebeck here: Heidy's Testimony

Kill shelters like Greenhill, take staff members who genuinely love animals and chew them up and spit them out. We have also learned that former LCAS staff members get in trouble if they try to find fosters for animals or try to raise funds for their medical care. Get in trouble? For trying to save lives?

Can you imagine what it must be like for them to have worked under the direction of Rick Hammel, the last manager of LCAS who gave his staff total support to do everything possible to save every animal's life, and to now work for shelter managers who kill with no remorse whatsoever?

For the sake of the animals, Greenhill's management and veterinarian have got to go. We are requesting that you email the Greenhill Board ( telling them you are withholding support until they clean up their act, and get rid of Lieberman, Rudebeck and Schroder.

Monday, December 15, 2014

How Greenhill Humane's Management treats animals reflects on what kind of people they are.

Greenhill Humane killed Graham after isolating and torturing him for weeks.  Graham was pet of the week in January 2013 and put to death in April of 2013.  Greenhill's management ignored emails from a rescue requesting information about Graham.  Greenhill killed him anyway.   The statement below is from a Greenhill volunteer.  One of the reasons this volunteer quit volunteering for Greenhill is what they did to Graham.  Graham's spirit is memorialized in Mark Barone's art project An Act of Dog-Museum of Compassion
We are requesting that you email the Greenhill Board ( telling them you are withholding support until they clean up their act, and get rid of Lieberman, Rudebeck and Schroder.

Here are other instances of Greenhill's documented neglect and abuse:

Greenhill's Vet Withholds Proper Treatment