Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Greenhill Humane Society - Donor Fraud

From June 1, 2013 to May 31, 2014 (Date published 2013-Jun-01) Greenhill Humane had three star Charity Navigator Status   Link to Greenhill's page:  Charity Navigator Status:

In March of 2014 they sent out this donation mailer falsely claiming Charity Navigator Four Star Status:

On March 28, 2014, in an email to an ex-donor,  Greenhill Executive Director says he knows Greenhill dropped to a Three Star status:

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Greenhill Board ignores Greenhill's own policy manual

No Kill starts with a Compassionate Director who provides transparency.   Following the rules matters.  The Board of Directors enforcing Greenhill's policies and procedures matters.  Why?  Because if one policy is overlooked how do we know others aren't as well?  It all comes down to trust; or as in this case, the lack thereof.

Greenhill's Executive Director, Cary Lieberman  hired his secret girlfriend Jaclyn Rudebeck (now the Ops manager) in violation of Greenhill's own personnel policies.  He set her salary, he managed her, etc., in blatant violation of Greenhill's own rules.   The board is charged with making sure that all their policies are adhered to to the letter, in addition to all State and Federal laws.   Proper oversight in this instance has not happened for some mysterious reason.

Here are just a few of those policies from their Employee Handbook that Greenhill's board has overlooked in this case: 

Greenhill Employee Handbook
Page 7 
E.  Romantic relationships between management and subordinates, including volunteers are prohibited.  Employees and volunteers are prohibited from romantic relationships with others in their department.
Page 22
F.  Off Hours Conduct
Illegal or immoral off duty conduct on the part of any employee that adversely affects GHS's legitimate business interests, public perception or the employee's ability to perform his or her job will not be tolerated.
Page 19
B.  Prohibited Conduct
Greenhill Humane Society does not tolerate the willful violation or circumvention of any federal, state, local or foreign law by an employee during the course of that person's employment; nor does the Organization tolerate the disregard or or circumvention of the Greenhill Humane Society policy or engagement in unscrupulous dealings.
So when the board themselves disregards and circumvents Greenhill's own policy, then what?

Page 20
d)  The following examples are the types of behavior which may result in discipline:
  • Abuse, neglect, disrespectful behavior towards, or failing to take action to safeguard the welfare of an animal
  • Violation of GHS's alcohol and drug policy.
  • Rudeness or uncooperative attitude in dealing with employees, volunteers and members of the public
So what makes us think we can trust Greenhill's Board to make sure that the rest of Greenhill's policies (especially those relating to animal care), State and Federal laws are being adhered to?  Their failure to act on the Lieberman/Rudebeck against Greenhill policy affair, coupled with their secrecy, has not inspired confidence that any rules, regulations or policies are being followed at all, especially those relating to the animals.  

In the past, Greenhill's board has acted appropriately by dismissing those breaking these rules.  Why is this instance different?

It is long past time for Greenhill's board to do their job and follow their own policies and procedure

Why No Kill is the Way: No-Kill Nevada Humane vs. Greenhill (Not No Kill)

No Kill Nevada Humane's 2013 Statistics vs. Greenhill:
  • With around 60 employees, NHS took in 11,844 total animals and adopted out 8,628.
  • Greenhill with around 40-50 employees took in 3,300 and adopted out 1,886.
  • No Kill Nevada Humane has 5,000 volunteers on the roster and 2600 foster homes.
  • Greenhill has 300 - 500 active volunteers (1,000 on their roster) and 115 foster homes (these numbers have not changed much since 2011).
  • Nevada Humane, unlike Greenhill does not receive any taxpayer funds.
  • Nevada Humane Documented Overall live release rate:  93.5%
  • Greenhill Documented Overall live release rate:  Not available
Lane County and Washoe County have similar demographics:
Washoe County 2013 population estimate: 433,731
Median Household Income 2008-2012:  $53,994
Persons per square mile 2010:  66.10
Lane County 2013 population estimate: 356,212
Median Houshold Income 2008-2012: $42,628
Persons per square mile 2010:  77.2
*taken from:

Nevada Humane because of its documented success is eligible for many grants, and has very broad community support. For example NHS received grants from Maddie's fund totaling $1,188,795.
They include:
• $800,000 in 2012 for saving all healthy and treatable dogs and cats.
• An award of $46,795 in 2010 to purchase and install a digital X-ray machine.
• $250,000 in 2007 for Maddie’s Pet Adoption Center
• $92,000 for six additional grants

What's the difference? Nevada Humane is No Kill and has a skilled No Kill director and management team leading them.   NHS is transparent and accountable to the community.  If you ask Nevada Humane any question on their Facebook page, they answer it, even uncomfortable questions.  If you ask Greenhill an uncomfortable question, you get bawled out, your question not answered.  NHS is transparent that they do euthanize animals, Greenhill tries to keep it a secret.  We can have this level of care and transparency for our community's animals too! Why would anyone be fighting against better care to more animals?  This is why we are bringing No Kill to Lane County, because our community's animals deserve no less.  There is no reason to settle for Greenhill's current "the best they can do".  To not strive to be as successful as Nevada Humane is just negligent.

No Kill is the Way!

"The truth is like a lion. You don't have to defend it. Let it loose. It will defend itself." ~ St. Augustine

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Greenhill Misleads their Volunteers About Animal Outcomes

How do we know this? When we were tabling in April, 2014 a young lady came up to us and asked us about Hercules, who she knew. She told us that Greenhill told her Hercules was no longer at First Ave; and as a result, of course they all thought he'd been adopted. The real truth is Greenhill had put Hercules to death, and deliberately misled the volunteers. Is Greenhill just unconcerned with facts? It seems so.

Here is a video of Hercules.  You can see from this video he was clearly saveable, regardless of any issues he may have had in the kennel.  A reputable and experienced rescue wanted to pull Hercules, but Greenhill said no and put him to death instead.  This is NOT No Kill as Greenhill falsely claims they are.

Greenhill Director Falsely Accuses No Kill Lane County of Making Death Threats

In January this year, Greenhill's Executive Director, Cary Lieberman, in an open forum accused No Kill Lane County of making death threats to Greenhill staff.  This of course, is not at all true.  When asked by local media to provide documentation to prove his claim of receiving death threats, Lieberman was unable to provide any proof whatsoever.   No Kill Lane County continue to be the victims of Greenhill's defamation. 

As for Lieberman's other claim of a 90% "save rate" for the past five years, those numbers are self-reported and undocumented.  We know he didn't tell the truth about the death threats, why would we believe his claims about Greenhill's save rate?

No Kill starts with a Compassionate Director who provides transparency, honesty and accountability.  Time for No Kill at Greenhill.  No Kill is The Way.